ISCC or also known as Information System Case Competition, is a Business Case Competition dedicated for undergraduate students with strong focus on Management Information System. We exist to find the best people who can analyze, build strategy, and provide solutions for significant IT Problems. We shall find them through presentation and debate in front of a team of Judges

ISCC is a "IS" or "IT" Case Competition that opened to International participants. ISCC also strive to deliver a new experience of an Information System/Technology case competition through a professional approach. We invited professionals who have educational and business background from our stakeholders and partners. Through our 3-round competition, we would be able to measure the participants’ analysis about the case and how their solid strategy are being implemented to solve the problem. And also, ISCC is an annual event that soon will grow larger and larger, and become one of the biggest “IS” or “IT” Case Competition in Indonesia.

ISCC has a very complete and mature view covering the understanding of what was required. Joining this competition will give not only experience, network, but also a great jump of business knowledge.


Win Ce

Director of Student & Operation -
Binus International

This event will be the first competition in Indonesia that will provide an opportunity for the contestants to propose their idea and solution of business and social problems in front of great juries that come from various IT and business industries.


Samuel Mahatmaputra

Head of Information System - Binus International

Join ISCC and test how far you can solve real world problems with your IT skills!


Arfika Nurhudatiana

Faculty Member - Binus International

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